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Unleash! With Shirin Merchant!

Feb. 25, 2018 | 03:00 PM

500.00 Onwards


The event is curated and conducted by Shirin Merchant.

Shirin Merchant is a pioneer in the field of canine behavior and training in India. Since 1995, she has worked hard to create a foundation for positive training and behavior practices in India. She is the only person in Asia to have gained an accreditation from the Kennel Club of England’s elite KCAI scheme for dog trainers and behaviorists in companion dog training and behavioral training. She is one of only 6 people in the world to have been awarded the prestigious accreditation in behavioral training. Shirin Merchant was recently facilitated by the President of India and the Ministry of Women and Children at the First Ladies Awards- for women who have transcended barriers to achieve a milestone and are declared to be the 'first' in their respective fields.

The only event in India where Asia’s leading canine behaviorist Shirin Merchant through a fun interactive, educational talk will help solve problems commonly faced by pet parents.

So, Hurry up and book tickets for Unleash! With Shirin Merchant - A fun filled canine carnival where the pioneer of canine behavioural training, Shirin Merchant will help you understand your pet's psychology. There will also be lots of fun things like Swimming Pool Ring, Mental Games, Obedience competition, the Wild N' Whacky Dog Show, the Well Groomed Dog Ring and more so all the doggos can have a good howlin' time! The event will be on 25th Feb, 2018 at Koregaon Park Annexe, Mundhwa, Pune.

  1. All dog lovers are welcome – with and without their dogs.
  2. Dogs must be at least six months old and physically fit and be up-to-date on its vaccinations. Please carry a copy of your vaccination certificate along.
  3. No selling or purchasing of dogs will be allowed at the venue.
  4. For the safety and welfare of all concerned, aggressive dogs are not allowed at the event. If a dog is found aggressive at the event, the organizers have the right to ask it to leave (no refund will be given).
  5. For the safety of all concerned, all dogs must be leashed at all times during the event. Unleashed dogs will be asked to leave. No refund will be given.
  6. Entry free for children under 12 years. 
  7. Entry free for all dogs
  8. No discounts for large groups.
  9. All sales final. Tickets once purchased will not be refunded, exchanged or canceled under any circumstances.
  10. Tickets will only be refunded in case of event cancellation.
Balkrishna Lawns, Pune, India