Dandiya Garba Navratri

Thane's Raas Rang Navaratri 2017

Sept. 21 – 30, 2017

250.00 Onwards


THANE'S RAAS RANG NAVRATRI 2017 is an event to be held Sept. 21st to Sept 30th, 2017 On the Beats of DANDIYA KING NAITIK NAGDA. Expected participation in the event would be around 6000. This Event signifies support and unity in the society.


Naitik Nagda

Thane Raas Rang Navratri 2017 is an event to be held from Sept. 21 to Sept 30, 2017, to the beats of Dandiya king Naitik Nagda. Around 6,000 people are expected to be a part of this event. People stay awake the whole night during the nine days of Navratri and play Dandiya and Garba. This event signifies support and unity in the society. Festival of Navratri is full of lights, joy, and festivity. Hindus celebrate this with devotion and enthusiasm throughout India. The celebration is carried on for ten days and the last four days are very important. Navratri means nine nights and so the tenth day Goddess Durga, who is worshipped throughout the nine days, is immersed in holy water after pooja. Each and every day has its importance and meaning. People worship Goddess in three forms and try to enhance their physical, mental and spiritual practice in these nine days.

  1. No alcoholic persons will be allowed.
  2. No smoking is allowed on the ground.
  3. No refund of an amount for cancellation of an event due to heavy rain or nature calamities.
  4. Please carry a valid ID proof along with you.
  5. Venue rules apply.
  6. Tickets once booked cannot be exchanged or refunded.
  7. We recommend that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior at the venue to pick up your physical tickets.

  1. Event Language: Hindi
  2. Gate Entry Details: Only 1 gate
  3. Would I be allowed in case I am late for the show? : yes
  4. Is re-entry allowed?: no re entry is allowed
  5. Are children allowed for the event (specific age to enter)? No
  6. Age limit to buy a ticket: no limit
  7. Over all Capacity of the venue: 6000 persons
  8. Differences between various ticket categories: yes
  9. Ticket inclusive of Hospitality (F&B)?: NA
  10. How is the seating arrangement - Not applicable
  11. If seated, will customers get specific Seat Numbers while booking or is it a free seating with first come first serve basis? No
  12. Type of seats: no different type of seats
  13. Seat layout of the Auditorium/stadium (properly scanned with Rows & Seat Numbers mentioned) : Not applicable
  14. Does the venue have a roof top / covered: Its an open ground
  15. Which categories have an A/C: Not applicable
  16. Are Wheel Chairs or an Elevator facility available at the Venue: NA
  17. Venue for Parking? : Yes
  18. Is parking free or chargeable? : Free
  19. Box Office Counter set up details? (Date, Venue & Timings): NA
  20. Any outlet sales (need details): NA
  21. Discounts/ offers if any: NA

Modella Mill Compound, Mumbai, India