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Romancing With Sales

Jan. 24 – 28, 2018

15000.00 Onwards



PROGRAM was a medium to contribute immense success into the lives of

various entrepreneurs. By means of this we travelled all over India; met

many entrepreneurs; their TEAMS; spirited and gutsy people in Direct

Selling Industry. When we were meeting them; we perceived a notion that

many entrepreneurs are busy in spending their quality time and ideas in

developing their products and services. As a result they come across an

extraordinary product and service in market but they cannot thrive in selling

their products in market. They have abundant contacts, references,

enquiries, walk-ins; but their product fails to carve a place in their

customer’s mind and prefer going to their competitors.

Why does this actually happen? Because they keep on focusing on other

things like giving discounts, decreasing price, enhancing services; but the

crucial thing which demands your attention lays aside.

This happens so because you don’t have proper knowledge of sales. Sales

is the soul of each and every business and profession that ever exists on

this earth. Without SALES a business can collapse and may even result

into its death.

And in order to avoid that we ought to escalate our understanding, our

knowledge and create a place in this competitive world.

Since we at GOLDEN UDYOGNITI have committed ourselves for the

betterment of entrepreneurs we have come up with a 3 Days Non-

Residential power-packed; business transforming seminar named

“Romancing With Sales…”

These 3 Days would be dedicated to many Eye Opening Concepts :

1. 5 Formulas to establish Victory in Sales

2. SALES Come First ; Product-Services & Company & Brand Later

3. Magic Business Statement

4. How to seek information of your Client before Client Visit

5. Does your client Situated in 4 P’s? What do you exactly mean by 4


6. How to acquire Telephonic Appointments and Skills to handle

Telephonic Objections?

7. How to approach Clients in 5 Steps?

8. 8/73 Approach

9. 8 steps of Opening a Sales Call

10. SPIN Technique

11. Understanding the TYPES OF CLOSING

12. How to CLOSE a SALES CALL?

13. Sales Burger Concept

14. Handling Customers Attitude

15. Smoking out of Hidden objection

16. FORMULA to sell YOUR product in YOUR Price

17. Cost Vs Price

18. 03 Negotiation Tactics

19. 08 Negotiation Strategies

20. T. R. A. P. Concept

21. Formula for One-on- One Closing

22. And much more to go….

These sales success principles which would help you to elevate your

Sales make you unstoppable in achieving your targets and dreams.

Romancing with Sales; a 3 Days Non-Residential Workshop for zealous

entrepreneurs, professionals, Growth Oriented people, and people who are

interested to carve their names in the glorious pages of Direct Selling

industry. Small Investment on you & on your people, get guaranteed Big Returns


This event Romancing With Sales is organized by GOLDEN HR CONSULTANCY & TRAINING SERVICE PVT. LTD. which is the active vertical of GOLDEN GROUP OF COMPANIES. Golden Group’s parent company GOLDEN MARINE SERVICE PVT. LTD. is into merchant navy recruitment. Up till now, GOLDEN MARTINE has recruited nearly 10000 seafarers on different vessels.

Golden Group also has another vertical GOLDEN MARITIME INSTITUTE EDUCATIONAL TRUST which is into providing scholarship to various students for the Merchant Navy Scholarship. It is established with the notion to spread awareness regarding the merchant navy sectors among various classes of societies. Its main motto is to help common students achieve uncommon success that means it primarily helps the students from financially poor families achieve the voyage of their dreams. While working into this sector we came across many talented brains who were in search of jobs. Also while doing business, meeting many entrepreneurs we sensed that many of these entrepreneurs are desperately searching for these talented brains. And so GOLDEN GROUP decided to map them together. This is where our GOLDEN HR CONSULTANCY & TRAINING SERVICE came into existence. Not only we started recruiting candidates into various corporates, we also decided to sharpen their talented brains to make them the epically talented ones for the organisation.

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