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Minerva 3.0

Feb. 22, 2018 | 07:00 PM


Minerva, the joy of nights. 

An adrenaline rush of Zaeden. The musical experience of Aankh Micholi, singing n dancing, bring craziness to life. 

Let's welcome Minerva 3.0.

Monotonous is boring. 

Let's welcome Minerva 3.0 which is going to held on 20.21.22 of Feb '18 at Pune ISB&M COC, Nande Campus.

Let's unfold the sparkle of life, together we sing and dance on the beats of young and dashing "DJ Zaeden".

With such a musically treat for our lives will have more than 2000 crowd of people cheering all the way.

Yes, memories we will create, imagination we replicate with the soulful tracks of "Aankh Micholi"

It's a way lit more to discover...way more fun to encounter. 

Join us be a part of our ever so exciting event of Minerva 3.0.

Isb&M College Of Commerce, Pune, India