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Inside Out

Dec. 16, 2017 | 10:00 AM

2100.00 Onwards


In is the way out

Caught yourself betraying your own resolutions time and again? 

Find yourself in a constant state of a deficit? Lacking in relationships, success, health, prosperity or just good old happiness? 

Need to be thinner, richer or smarter in order to feel content in life?

Think there could be a better you? A less insecure and a more confident you? 

Feel life is boring and insipid? 

Find yourself ever-active but hell, so uninvolved? 

Well, Congratulations!

You're in a great space right now! 

A space that is telling you, that looking Inside is the only way Out for you!

What we will do for you Nothing, everything and perhaps something in between!

We will wring you- upside down and inside out until you begin to laugh!


By equipping you with powerful processes and meditations that empower you authentically. 

By facilitating the emergence of liberating insights in you, from you. 

In a free, sacred and deeply non-judgmental space, you will be able to share your concerns, anxieties and general ideas about life. 

You will emerge from this process with greater clarity, power and a beaming smile.

Team Inside-Out: Inside-Out is the immaculate conception of two individuals that focus on embracing their humanness, rather than transcending it! 

While they are both passionate academics and have been accredited with PhDs from eminent institutions, they have had on-going training and profound experiences with inner work, alternate healing, and meditation. 

Over the years, they have shared this learning with diverse audiences that include university graduates, corporate executives, non-profit organizations, neighborhood networks, families, and individuals. 

Passionate about living from their true self, the co-creators of Inside-Out have made it their life's mission to walk the talk and empower as many people as they can, and to help them find their own sweet spot.

Eligibility: All we ask is openness to new ideas and a willingness to pay unprejudiced attention

Disclaimer: We offer Inside-Out as a source rather than a resource from which our participants can draw as much as they want to, whenever they want to. Our programmes are designed not as mere tools that assist the accomplishment of a goal, but as a transformative experience that will enable you to perceive and tap your own limitless potential. 

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