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Holi Tronic Vol-2

March 2, 2018 | 08:00 AM

199.00 Onwards


Get ready for a party under open arena with a huge sound setup and Rajasthani food stalls with a colorful theme which is ''HOLI TRONIC VOL-2". The theme says it all as for how it is going to be celebrated. They have planned up some amazing stuff for this Holi. As the theme is HOLI TRONIC VOL-2, they wanted it in the desi style so they have Punjab Dhol to get the desi feel and have arranged various things like colors, Mud Pits, Rain Dance, Food Stalls, etc for all the Bollywood freaks and folk freaks.

Holi is one of the major festivals of India and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and gaiety. They had a huge blast last year at the same place to celebrate the happiest and most colorful festival. What makes Holi so unique and special is the spirit of it which remains the same throughout the country and even across the globe, wherever it is celebrated.


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With heart thumping beats and body shaking basses, she is all ready to smash the dance floor

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