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Connecting With Your Inner Chatter

Feb. 17, 2018 | 11:30 AM

650.00 Onwards


Did you know, that when you are in conversation with someone, you are in fact also in conversation with yourself?

You have thoughts, feelings, body sensations, all of which are parallelly having a dialogue with you.

Let's look at an instance that could happen in a workplace.

You and colleague having a disagreement on a point which has escalated into an argument and you are waiting for your turn to respond. Have you noticed the possible internal dialogue?

It may sound something like below:

Possible Internal thoughts to self

I don't get it, why do all my conversations with this person turn into an argument, it a pain to have a meeting with him/her. What did I do to him/her? Uff!! (or) Say something, just say something. Why aren't you defending yourself? (or) I know what this is about, he is making it personal that the boss recognized my efforts, he/she is jealous

Possible Internal feelings

frustration, anger, confusion, distracted, disinterested, fear

Possible Internal body sensations

sweating, increase in body temperature, shiftiness, urge to scream or cry, urge to laugh or giggle

Do you relate to the above?!! Most of us have been in this situation or witnessed something like the above happen.The above happens because our internal dialogue with ourselves affects our communication with others. Understanding this internal talk within us could mean the difference Reacting in communication versus Connecting in communication

If your goal is to Connect to communication,

Step 1 is to Observe your communication with yourself.

WaheNadhi presents Observing Communication The first step to Mindful Communication

  • In this workshop, we will attempt to:
  • Recognize the internal dialogue that happens within ourselves.
  • Observe if these internal dialogues are making you react in a conversation
  • Understand the neuroscience behind how our internal dialogues
  • Build an ability to notice how we are communicating with other people
  • Participants may sign up for the next level of the program after completing this workshop.

On WaheNadhi

WaheNadhi or the Wondrous River creates programs that are Catalysts for organizational and personal well-being, conducted through exploration and reframing Mindsets of the people involved. Facilitation of the programs is done through an eclectic mix of neuroscience, positive psychology, and well-being interventions. Archana and Seema are counselors who co-founded WaheNadhi and facilitate the workshops.

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