Standup Comedy

Chaped Khaani Hai?

Nov. 25, 2017 | 07:00 PM

249.00 Onwards


"Chaped Khaani Hai?"

Not just a name, it is an emotion we've all grown up with; even now we come across these golden words whenever we try to go on an extravaganza. In a fun-filled show with relatable AF observations, these three Delhi based comics plan to take you on a 70-minute laughter ride, hoping you would not ask them 'Chaped Khaani Hai?' by the end of the show.

Here is a sneak-peak into who these potential 'Chaped' eaters are:

Gourav Mahna 

In his quest for getting good pictures despite an ugly face, Gourav started doing stand-up comedy. So much so that he even coined the term 'candid selfie' for the same. Known for his observational comedy and impromptu punch lines, he has written some refreshing but not so intelligent jokes to make you go LOL ROFL LMAO.

Inder Sahani

9 months & 16 days. No, he's not talking about the baby, which may seem to be fully grown by now, it's the time he has been taking comedy "seriously". Inder, a 34-year looking 21-year boy, who always likes to talk in 3rd person because the first two ignored him badly, would bring in his 7 years of theatre experience to make you go LOL ROFL LMAO.

Ravi Khurana

Officially first Punstar of India, Ravi's biggest achievement is that he is the official duplicate of Indian cricketer, Umesh Yadav. Winner of Canvas Laugh Club open mics and a featured artist on ISHQ FM, Ravi plans to use his Punjabi upbringing, non-Punjabi looks and a fake American accent to make you go LOL ROFL LMAO.

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Akshara Theatre, Delhi, India