Open Mic Standup Comedy

Acquainted  6

Feb. 17, 2018 | 07:00 PM

249.00 Onwards


Show name - Acquainted 6

Show time and venue - 7 pm on words to 10 pm at Akshara Theater ( Amphie Theatre ) Saturday 17th February  2018.

Artists - Nitin Mandal, Nishant Suri, Rahul Dua, Gurinder Singh, Shivam Lakhanpal, Chirag Panjwani.

Host - Rajat Chauhan.

Rahul Dua - Rahul comes from Punjab, but claims to have left it well before it started to ‘fly’. Till the time he was under parental guidance, all was going fine with an Engineering and an MBA degree. But then, due to the absence of drugs and presence of loser friends, Stand Up Comedy happened. A typical Indian middle class, his jokes are as pathetic as his financial state of affairs. Reports say that he turns violent when greeted with ‘Rahul, Naam to suna Hoga’ or ‘Dua Mein Yaad rkhna’. He likes to travel a lot and travels daily from Huda City Centre to Hauz Khas and back. He tweets @duarahul28 and has his own FB page & Youtube channel called Null Hypothesis where he puts up funny (or so he thinks) content regularly. He has performed in ​various cities ​across India and is NDTV’s Rising Star of Comedy 2016. He likes Mango Shake and Harlem Shake.

Nishant Suri - An engineer turned investment banker turned wedding photographer turned to stand up comedian, Nishant, clearly knows what he wants to do in life. He's been doing stand up for a year now, and in this while has won Open Mic competitions at IIT Delhi, Vir Das's Pyjamafest and the Canvas Laugh Club in Mumbai. He's performed in various cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Mohali, doing pub gigs and shows for companies and institutes like Microsoft, Taco Bell and the Indian School of Business.

Nitin Mandal - Ridiculously good looking, super fit and highly talented are just a few of the many attributes this 25-year- old Bengali boy uses to describe himself. Modesty is clearly another. Being the badshaah of sarcasm, he’s here to tickle your funny bone with his relationship stories and real-life experiences. A seasoned comedian with many stand up performances in Delhi and Kolkata, Nitin has performed on the popular hit Red FM show Comedy ka Ghanta. His comedy sets come with a seatbelt warning though, because you may fall out of your seats laughing. 

Gurinder Singh - Confused about life, Gurinder started doing comedy and since has been Hanging in with perseverance. He performs jokes with an extremely high rate of speech to have an audience in splits, but sometimes they just turn out to be broken sentences. His material revolves around anecdotes and conversations that he overheard.

Shivam Lakhanpal - Shivam Lakhanpal is a dollop of wasted potential, melting and running down the sides of life's cup into a saucer of lethargy and despair. Tasty nonetheless [citation needed]. After doing engineering and MBA, he now tweets for a living. Because of he's directionless like that.

Chirag Panjwani - Chirag is a confused soul because he hates all corporate jobs and cannot understand why he hates them. He is from Agra and hates it when people ask him "Taj Mahal Dekha hai?" He also hates it when people make lame references about "Pagal Khana" He hates all sports. Basically, he's full of hatred and that's fun to watch.

Rajat Chauhan - Rajat Chauhan is a Delhi-based Stand-Up Comedian. With his unique style of witty observational humor, he talks about day to day experiences of life and presents it to the audience in different perspective. An engineer by his Fathers choice and comedian by his own choice, he loves to make people laugh.

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Akshara Theatre, Delhi, India